Lake Bluff elementary school placed under progressive lockdown due to nearby break-in



SHORWOOD, Wisconsin – Lake Bluff Elementary School was soft quarantined due to a nearby burglary on Monday.

Officials say Shorewood Police were broken into near Newhall and Lake Bluff around 3 p.m. The appellant reported that someone forced entry through the back door of the building that led to the shared duplex stairwell. Officials say the appellant heard the noise from the break-in and went to investigate. She was then confronted by a suspect who attempted to enter her home and demanded money and jewelry while hinting that he had a gun.

Police say the suspect left the building without taking anything of value and fled in an unknown direction.

The suspect is described by police as a black male, 5’11, and all wearing dark clothing.

Police said the area was searched, but the suspect was not located.

According to the Shorewood School District, the school has been made aware of an increased police presence in the area around Lake Bluff. After contacting the police, the school was advised to enter a soft lockdown.

All students were safe in their classrooms with the doors locked from 3:14 p.m. until the school received a safe from the police at 3:34 p.m.

“The safety of students and staff is our top priority. School and district administrators and law enforcement have worked in tandem to ensure the safety of our entire school community,” the School District said. Shorewood.

Police continue to investigate the incident.

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