Kids Can expands its after-school programs to elementary and middle school



This semester, Kids Can is excited to join a partnership with the NMSU STEM Outreach Center, Las Cruces Public Schools, Gadsden Independent School District and Hatch Valley Schools. We share our newly created program with certified teachers and educational assistants throughout Doña Ana County and ask them to facilitate our after-school programs with the support of our amazing Kids Can staff.

These instructors are paid from 21st Century Grant funds, and they also receive another stipend for the training and program feedback offered during the semester to advance the clarity and ease of delivery of this comprehensive new program and already age-appropriate. The next steps will be to connect the curriculum to score the educational standards covered by the curriculum and then we will be ready for a full regional launch of the Kids Can program. We are excited to bring the youth-tested and trusted entrepreneurship program to young people in the South West and beyond.

At Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy, the Kids Can program teaches entrepreneurship to 16 students in Grades 6-8.

After-school programs are organized twice a week in participating schools. Homework help is given during the first 30 minutes as well as a healthy snack before the start of the course.

The programs will be completed in the following elementary and middle schools:

Las Cruces public schools

  • Camino Real College
  • Lynn Community High School
  • Mesilla Valley Learning Academy
  • Desert Hills Primary School
  • Central primary school
  • Alameda Primary School
  • Doña Ana Primary School

Hatch Valley Schools

  • Hatch Valley College
  • Rio Grande Primary School

Gadsden Independent School District

  • Chaparral College
  • Chaparral Primary School
  • Gadsden Elementary School
  • Sunland Park Elementary School

With the Kids Can program, we aim to empower young people in our community to create and develop their own products / services and to learn the responsibilities and enthusiasm of entrepreneurship. These programs are hands-on, where students learn about entrepreneurship through planning, marketing, and starting their own business. Elementary students learn business principles through the concept of running a lemonade stand business; college students learn the same principles as they build a business on whatever they choose with guided support from program instructors.

Thank you to all the teachers for making this program a success! The staff at Kids Can appreciate your hard work and dedication.

April Christensen is the founder of the Community Action Agency’s Kids Can Youth Entrepreneur program. For more information, she can be contacted at [email protected] or call 575-680-6766.

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