Jockey, YMCA Partner to Deliver After-School Program at Lincoln Middle School to Close the Achievement Gap | Local News


Target summer school students

Daley said the target group for the Teen Achievers program are students who have attended Lincoln’s summer programs. That’s just over 10 percent of Lincoln’s enrollment, or just over 500 students.

“I’m looking at around 50 to 60 students in this group,” she said. “Right now, it’s in all of our classes. “

Teachers would also identify other students in need of additional instruction.

“I am committed to this partnership and I know it will be great for our children to close the achievement gap and the deficits where COVID has taken a hit,” she said. “It really had an impact on the academic success of our students. And so just to have this opportunity to fill those gaps – words can’t express my gratitude to Jockey, as it’s not just going to take school, but partnerships like this to get our kids where they need to be.

In addition to its partnership with the YMCA, Jockey works with Kenosha Unified to sponsor additional educational and enrichment programs for Lincoln students and their families. Another goal of the partnership is to eventually enable company employees to engage in mentoring, relationship building and embellishment opportunities.

Recently, Jockey also collaborated with Garden of Eatin’-Kenosha to build five raised flower beds, allowing students to learn gardening while producing a crop of fresh produce to be fed into soup kitchens, pantries and outdoor areas. ‘other organizations serving Kenosha.


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