Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition donates $ 12,550 to Haynes Middle School


Nashville, TN (TN Tribune) The Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition raised $ 12,550 for Haynes Middle School.

The Coalition raised funds from local businesses and the community through their Taste of the District fundraisers and donated the money to support reading at Haynes Middle School, located at 510 West Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN.

Haynes Middle will use the funds to build an outdoor reading garden for his students.

The Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition is committed to championing MNPS Whites Creek designated public schools with TN Department of Education priority status in need of support and improvement.

Haynes School is historically important to Nashville as an elementary school for black children. It was named in honor of William Haynes, a local African American who made available the land on which the school was built in 1931.

With the addition of the 9th grade in 1935 to the existing primary school, he
became the only high school in rural Davidson County for African Americans, until the city and county governments merged in 1962.

The last 12th grade graduated in 1967, and the junior high school program closed in 1970.

The Coalition is made up of neighbors in the Haynes-Trinity area, faith-based institutions and non-profit organizations that serve our community. The Coalition advocates for the preservation of existing historic black neighborhoods and is actively involved in the revitalization of the Haynes area and the West Trinity Lane Corridor. He works with all stakeholders, including businesses, developers and elected officials, to ensure that our community remains welcoming, diverse and that everyone has their place at the table.

The members of the coalition are Beech Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Bordeaux-North Nashville Community PTA, Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Born Again Church, Brooklyn Heights, Chateau Valley, Haynes Manor, Haynes Heights, Lock One Park, New Life Program, Resha Heights, Riverside Nashville SDA Church and Trinity Hills. The officers are Yolanda Hockett, president; Winnie Forrester, secretary; and Robert Taylor, treasurer. The board members are Bobby Stockard, Joyce George, Keith Benion, Brian Hockett, Mildred Woods and Andrea Kinzer.


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