Hamlin Middle School seeks donations for special education program


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A teacher in the Corpus Christi Independent School District is reaching out to the community to help fund hands-on education for her students with special needs.

“My teacher is the best,” said Melanie Mora’s student Violet Martinez.

“I’m learning new things,” said fellow student Emily Garza.

Mora is an adaptive education teacher at Hamlin Middle School.

“A lot of them, depending on their disability of course, are more dependent on their parents, providers and carers, so they don’t have that independence of walking to the corner store on their own” , Mora said.

Mora said that’s why it’s important for them to learn certain skills earlier, ones they can learn outside of the classroom, programs like community instruction or CBI field trips.

“Something as simple as ordering at McDonalds, knowing how to use public transportation,” Mora said. “So just getting them familiar with those things for now.”

“Go to the mall and buy some new clothes,” Martinez said.

Martinez said after being asked where she wanted to take a field trip.

And although her classmates appreciated Violet’s honesty, buying clothes and other things like food is very important so that she can do it on her own one day.

“Just being able to be more independent,” Mora said.

Mora started on campus in the 2019-20 school year and hoped to take her special education students on field trips to help them learn life skills.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic halted plans for its Community Education Plans, or CBIs.

The students are back on campus and she hopes to take them on field trips every month.

“The student would then need funds to accept your assignment today to fetch milk and come back and try to do it independently.”

CCISD officials said special education teachers have the opportunity to do CBI field trips and have them before.

Mora said she had enough funds to take them only twice a year.

She asks for donations from the community instead of relying solely on the families of her students.

Mora says her district and her director have been very supportive.

“She offered us the opportunity to go and do a fundraiser that would be donation-based,” Mora said.

The link to donate can be found on Hamlin’s webpage by clicking here.

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