Goleta Union School District Responds to Incident of Racial Slurs Involving Students


GOLETA, Calif. — The Goleta Union School District is responding to reports of a racially charged incident at one of the district’s schools.

In a statement, the school district said there had been a recent report that the N-word was being used toward black students.

The district said Superintendent Galindo-Roybal’s statement was sent to families and staff on November 9.

News Channel 3-12 obtained the statement on Tuesday.

“At GUSD, we take the use of any derogatory and racial language in our schools very seriously,” Galindo-Roybal said. “We reaffirm GUSD’s commitment to ensuring our schools are physically, socially and emotionally safe spaces for all children, especially our Black children.”

“We appreciate the strength of diversity in our schools and our community,” Galindo-Roybal said. “I realize that we still have a long way to go in our efforts to eliminate bias and prejudice among our students and staff.”

Galindo-Roybal provided the following initiatives to support the district’s efforts:

  • textbook
    • Posted on each school’s website under the “About” tab
    • Describes how we implement positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) school-wide
    • Includes logical and natural consequences to hold students accountable for their actions and restorative justice approaches to repairing relationships that are developmentally appropriate for our K-6 population
  • Mental health support in every school
  • Comprehensive District-Wide Equity Audit
  • Mandatory implicit bias training for employees
  • Anti-Bias training for staff
  • Monthly reports from the Board of Directors on the theme “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion”
  • Social Justice and Equity Working Group to develop the GUSD Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan for the GUSD

“We all share the great responsibility of ensuring that our students grow up to be kind, caring, and respectful human beings,” Galindo-Roybal said. “That said, our response to inappropriate and dangerous behavior will be appropriate to the individual’s developing age and maturity. We will strive to address and correct the behavior in a way that respects the dignity of the individual. ‘child.”

The statement does not specify where the incident occurred, but does say that “elementary school provides a wide learning experience where children will make mistakes. Our job is to model, teach and support children through these mistakes, so that they learn not to repeat them”. .”

For more information on the Goleta Union School District, visit: www.gusd.us.

Below are the student manuals for each GUSD school. The statement mentioned can be found on each school’s website.


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