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The leaders of Gary Community School Corp. claim that Lew Wallace High School, closed in 2014, is the first to go down using a newly established school improvement fund to cover the cost of demolition.

Carley Lanich, The Time

GARY – The Lew Wallace High School demolition process is underway.

A letter from Paige McNulty, principal of Gary Community School Corp., to community members last week said removing the old dilapidated school was not an easy decision, but will make the community safer and more. will pave the way for better use of property.

A request for proposals has been sent, and the district has already received proposal submissions from various contractors, according to the letter. All proposals are due no later than August 24 and will then be noted and shared with the Appeal Board of the unit in difficulty.

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Once the contract is awarded, demolition is expected to begin in late fall.

McNulty said in the letter that this project is long overdue and thanked the community for their patience in the process. Last week’s update, she said, is the first of several updates that community members can expect from the district.

“We will remain consistent, accessible and transparent in all of our actions,” she said.

Those with questions about the project or wanting to know more can send an email to [email protected]



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