Edmonds School District High School Students of the Month for December 2021


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Neha Jain
Parent Name: Ashima Jain
Interests: I am an artist at heart. I like to draw and write. I also enjoy helping others in any way I can. I live by the quote: “Making a person smile can change the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world”.
Community Service: I serve on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee. I also help my family and friends in any way I can.
Education Goals: I plan to do Running Start for the next two years, get my undergraduate degree at the University of Washington, and then go to Yale Law School.
Career Goals: I intend to become a lawyer to help those who are unable to help themselves.
Do you want us to know anything else? Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Yafate Yared
Student name: Nadia Brainerd
Parent Name: Fleming Brainerd
GPA: 4.0
Athletics: I rowed/crewed competitively from age 11 until age 14 and unfortunately had to leave my team. I have been taking martial arts classes since I was 5 years old, I received my black belt early last year and I continue to take classes to learn more.
Awards: I was placed on the Everett Community College President’s List for achieving a GPA of 4.0 in the past school year.
Community Service: I have volunteered at the Langley Whale Center on Whidbey Island since I was 11 years old. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to volunteer recently due to school obligations, but I hope to continue soon.
Significant school project: Since the start of the school year, I have been working on a research project which will be my graduation project. My research focuses on the current motions of Possession Sound Washington using data collected from an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. Sounds boring, but I found the ADCP very interesting. That’s what got me interested in this, and creating maps and graphs of current movements, even in this small area, has been fascinating and a lot of fun.
Educational Goals: I am currently working towards my Associate Degree through Ocean Research College Academy, a Running Start program, through Everett Community College. After graduating, I plan to go to a four-year college to pursue a degree in psychology, with a minor in computer science or another area of ​​interest.
Career Goals: I have far too many interests and ideas for my future to list them all, but science is what interests me the most and is the area I will pursue. A lot of my interests fall into psychology as I like to understand how things work, especially how people work, but I hope to work in a field that allows me to use as many of my skills/interests as possible to scratch . itching in my brain. But mostly, the one thing I’m positive about in my career path is that I want to be in a career where I’m able to help others as much as possible and have a positive impact on the world.

Edmonds Woodway High

Saetia Rucker
Names of parents: Noy and Paul Rucker
Athletics: Two years of high school and volleyball club
Honors: National Honor Society
Community service: Edmonds Waterfront Center, Edmonds Food Bank, CreateSpace
Job: Gymnastics Coach at Northshore Gymnastics Center
Educational objectives: Obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a university.
Career goals: social work and nonprofit
Anything else we should know? I am a full candidate for the International Baccalaureate.

Charlie Levasseur
Parents names: Lisa LeVasseur and Ed LeVasseur
GPA: 3.5
Clubs and Activities: Seattle Adaptive Sports-Power Wheelchair Soccer
Athletics: Although I struggle physically with cerebral palsy, I really enjoy training at Rehab without Walls.
Career goals: My ultimate job is to work at Microsoft in their adaptive games department!
Anything else we should know? I’m a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks, University of Washington Huskies and Golden State Warriors. I have two gorgeous St. Bernese dogs named Odin and Hannah.

Lynnwood High School

Matthew Ruiz
Parents names: Denise Lentz and Steve Ruiz
GPA: 3.9
Clubs and activities: Varsity Tennis, National Honor Society and Hi-Q
ASB: liaison team, leadership, student government
Athletics: Varsity Boys’ Tennis
Awards: Team captain for the varsity tennis team; Dean’s List, perfect attendance; AP Scholar Award.
Community Service: National Honor Society, street cleaning, volunteering at a nursing home, volunteering at a concession stand, wrapping gifts at the mall for my school, helping my school’s Booster Club at various events.
Current employment: I have worked at Safeway for two years in various roles, currently as a cashier.
Educational goals: Go to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and study psychology, education, or English.
Career Goals: Become either a therapist/counsellor or a high school English teacher.

Lydia Berhanu
Names of parents: Kidist Alemayehu and Berhanu Ayele
GPA: 3.97
Clubs & Activities: ASB (2020-2021) Treasurer; President of the SBA (2021-2022); Student Senate; Mock Trial Club; Liaison crew; National Honors Society; Equity team
ASB: president of the ASB
Athletics: LHS Volleyball (2018-2022)
Community Service: City of Lynnwood Street Cleanup; college volleyball coach; gift wrap
Educational goals: I plan to attend four-year college rather than go to law school
Career goals: To be a lawyer and/or a politician.

Meadowdale Top

Fabrice Avalos
Names of parents: Rosa Collantes and Brando Avalos
GPA: 3.71
Community service: Food bank and peer tutoring
Career Goals: Electrical Engineering

Kennedy Pack
Parents names: Christy and Bob Pack
Clubs & Activities: Sports medicine and chamber orchestra
Community Service: I am part of Campfire and have volunteered over 1,000 hours.
Employment: I work at Target as well as the Lynnwood Recreation Center.
Educational goals: I plan to go to college and major in kinesiology.
Career goals: I hope to become a physical therapist in the future.

Mountlake Terrace High

Dulce Sanchez Barrera

Jeffrey Anyimah

Project SEARCH

Emmanuel (Hermes) Torres
Parents names: Luz Marina Escoto and Hermes R Torres Escoto
Athletics: I play soccer and I play right forward.
Awards: When I was in high school, I received student of the month.
Current job: I work part-time at McDonald’s.
Educational goals: I would like to go to school to become a mechanic.
Career goals: I want to be a mechanic.
Anything else we should know? I really like helping people. My internship was in the sterile processing department at Swedish Edmonds and I really enjoy it. I learned a lot of things there that I had never done before. I’m a bit shy and being part of the SEARCH project helps me with that.

Elevated from Scriber Lake

Melany Lizeth Sloan
Parents names: Cecilia Perez and Aaron Sloan
GPA: 3.3
Clubs & Activities: Dungeons and Dragons
Awards: English 10, Art History 10, most library books borrowed in a semester.
Meaningful school project: mini-course
Educational objectives: to obtain a university degree in sociology/psychology.
Career goals: I want to work in a field that I am passionate about.
Anything else we should know? Thank you

VOICE Transition Program

Aron Magpoc
Names of parents: Lourdes Magpoc and Tomas Magpoc
Important school project: successful internships at TJ Maxx, Mountlake Terrace Pavilion and Lynnwood Recreation Center
Career goals: find gainful employment after graduation
Anything else we should know? Has a great sense of humor and enjoys being in the community. Wonderful artist.


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