Eagleview College students and teacher honored for heroic deeds


COLORADO SPRINGS — On Friday, Eagleview Middle School celebrated two seventh graders and a teacher.

“These three people took action and that action saved a life and we are here to recognize that,” said Colorado Springs Fire Department Battalion Chief Carrick Patterson.

In September 2021, Dean Thurston, trainer and science teacher, was leaving students on the track just before cross-country practice, when he suddenly collapsed from a heart attack known as widowmaker. .

Thurston was at the top of the stairs leading to the track when he collapsed. Credit: Michael Duran

“At first I thought he was making a joke, which seems silly now, but all of a sudden he was down and I ran up there,” said teacher and coach Katie Breitmeyer.

Breitmeyer said she immediately called Jack Silver and Aidan Teran for help.

“I yelled at one of them to get the DEA, which I’m sure he didn’t even know what it was, but he ran,” Breitmeyer said.

Then Aidan helped move Thurston onto her back so she could begin chest compressions.

“The boys were awesome under pressure considering the whole situation was really scary,” Breitmeyer said.

Thurston said he did not recall the incident himself.

“I think it was three or four days later when my wife told me I had had a heart attack and people had come in to help me,” Thurston said.

But, he says, knowing he was given a second chance at life was a revelation.

“Most people who have the same condition, the same thing that happens to them don’t make it,” Thurston said. “And so I guess you could say you’re very grateful, very grateful that people are there and that the district has trained our teachers to be able to jump in this circumstance.”

Thurston said Friday’s awards are a good example for others to follow.

The chief of the fire battalion distributes rewards to the teacher and students. Credit: Michael Duran

“It’s important that we recognize people who stand up and step up and do the right thing.”

After just three weeks, Thurston, who had been teaching for 30 years, was able to return and continue teaching. He said he is already planning to teach and coach next year as well.


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