Due to a social media challenge, a college in Wenatchee does not have bathroom soap dispensers; now it encourages kids to do something more sinister | Columbia Basin


WENATCHEE – A trend on TikTok apparently goes too far, according to Wenatchee School District administrators. Last month, Wenatchee High School dealt with multiple incidents involving vandalism and theft, which educators suspect were attributed to a so-called “student challenge” on TikTok.

In addition to the high school that took a hit, school district spokeswoman Diana Haglund said Orchard Middle School was missing all of its bathroom soap dispensers after they all disappeared after being ripped off walls. Haglund says soap dispensers have been installed in more exposed areas of the school and that there are hand sanitizer stations. Now, the social media trend is challenging students to ‘hit a staff member in the back’.

School officials are asking parents to ask their children if they are aware of this trend and hope it will deter students from taking action. Educators say touching a staff member or peer in an inappropriate way, depending on where they are touched, can be considered sexual harassment and, in some cases, assault.

“We ask families to help us solve this serious problem by discussing the TikTok trend with their students and highlighting the implications and consequences of participating in these destructive activities. It also has a significant impact on learning in schools when resources and taxpayer dollars are diverted to address this problem. Although we realize that only a small number of students are involved, there is a need for the whole school district community to stop this negative and harmful behavior ”, the school district said in a note to parents and families earlier this week.

Haglund says some of the students engaging in nefarious activities have been disciplined, but no arrests have been made.

Wenatchee School District is not the only victim, Shelton School District has reported similar incidents. Schools across the country are also reporting similar incidents.

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