Craig Idacavage Named New Haven School District Superintendent USD 312


On Friday afternoon, the Haven Board of Education unanimously agreed to offer Craig Idacavage Haven the position of superintendent for $312. Idacavage said he readily accepted the position and will begin his 2022-23 term this fall.

The Kansas Association of School Boards helped select the four nominees, including Dorsey Burgess, Christie Meyer, Shane Clark and Idacavage, each with more than two decades of education experience.

Chris Powell, president of the Haven Board of Education, said he and the board felt confident with the candidates they and the KASB had chosen and because of this it made the final selection process difficult. .

“It was a tough decision, and it’s one of those decisions where we felt like we almost couldn’t make the wrong choice,” Powell said. “But we really liked how Craig was able to connect with all the different people that make up Haven.”

Meet the new superintendent, Craig Idacavage

Idacavage is currently principal of David Brewer Elementary School.

“I’m at that point in my professional career, where my family and I are ready for that next step, for that next challenge,” Idacavage said.

After being a principal for 17 years and a teacher for more, he turned to the position of superintendent in Haven to advance in education and be closer to his family in the area.

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Idacavage grew up in Caldwell, about an hour and a half south of Haven, and was ready to return to the rural way of life around Haven and experience a different kind of community.

“I think education and school is a central hub of a community and people who are vital to the community,” Idacavage said.

Choose between candidates

As the council decided who to offer the position to among the four candidates, Powell said they worked together to find who would be the best fit for the district.

“We trusted the process, we felt like we had a good group in the room, and we were able to brainstorm together,” Powell said.

After reviewing all four candidates, Powell said the board believed Idacavage would be the best candidate because he matched their previous criteria.

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“I think he’s going to bring strong communication and a personal touch,” Powell said. “He’s on the same pages as us as a board and certainly cares about the students and what’s best for them.”

Idacavage accepted and signed a one-year contract for the position of superintendent for 312 USD on Friday afternoon. He said he was excited to work on relationships and education at Haven School District 312 USD.


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