Copiague school district warns parents of strangers approaching children at bus stop


A Suffolk school district is warning parents that students may have been approached by a stranger while waiting to get to school.

The warning comes from the principal of Deauville Gardens East elementary school in Copiague.

Copiague resident Michele Gerdon said she was surprised to learn that an email had been sent to families warning them that students from the school and neighboring communities were being approached at their bus stops and asked them if they wanted a ride.

The school says it took immediate action by “asking every teacher to have a stranger / danger conversation and reminding our students to never get in a car or bus with a stranger, or engage with strangers in any vehicle … ”

Gerdon says the same thing happened to his children when they were younger.

“They were walking to school when it happened, so scary,” Gerdon says. “At the time, it was another world.

Jasmine Walker’s children are two and four years old. She says she thinks her older child is starting to get the stranger / danger message, but she knows she will have to keep seeing it again.

“My kids are picked up right outside our house,” says Walk. “Literally hold hands and to the bus. “

Massapequa resident Rich Arnold says he remembers the same sort of thing that happened when his kids were in school and says some things never change.

“Those kind of people are out there, so this kind of thing is happening,” says Arnold.

School officials say they called police as soon as they heard about the incident and reminded parents to continue having conservations with their children at home

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