Construction of Accessory R begins at Westchester Elementary School | Webster Kirkwood Times



Pictured left to right: Jill Romano, fifth grade student, Bo Ricker, Westchester principal, Alwin Yu, third grade student, Angie Bernardi, school board member, Jordan Leffler, Kirkwood school district superintendent, David Ulrich, fourth grader Jackson Porter, Westchester assistant principal Stefanie Limpert, Daphne Engert in first grade, Mark Boyko, school board member, Stella Berry in second grade, and Chad Kavanaugh, school board member. | photo courtesy of Kirkwood School District

The Kirkwood School District officially opened construction of an addition of two classrooms at Westchester Elementary School on Friday, September 17th.

The project, located on the northwest side of the school, will create spaces dedicated to music and art. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of January. Superintendent David Ulrich, members of the Education Council and community supporters marked the start of the project. Six students – one from each grade level – also participated in the event while their classmates watched the ceremony live.

“This project will ensure that teachers and staff have dedicated spaces to engage and inspire students,” said Ulrich. “Our community’s support for Prop R made this project possible. There will be many more of these ceremonies in our schools over the next few months, and we are very grateful to you. ”

A second phase of Prop R-funded construction at Westchester Primary School will include eight additional classrooms to maintain class sizes, a new library, a multimedia center and the cafeteria expansion. These will be completed in the summer of 2023.

Although this is the first major construction project with Prop R funds, HVAC upgrades were completed this summer at several schools. Work is currently underway on the ADA Accessible Ramps at North Glendale and Robinson Elementary Schools.



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