Construction ahead of schedule at LK School District’s mixed-use facility


Construction is ahead of schedule for the Linden-Kildare Consolidated Independent School District’s multipurpose facility with staff offices on the elementary campus.

“The completion date was August 15, but we now expect substantial completion around June 1,” Superintendent Keri Winters said.

Citizens will soon see the benefits for students, as Winters, now in her fifth year as superintendent, said she and the school board have been doing it for four years.

Board decision

“We decided to push ahead, especially after two failed school improvement bond elections. We wanted something the kids were proud of…the little ones starting their educational career in something beautiful and new,” Winters said.

After several meetings reviewing the district’s needs, the council decided to use some of the excess money from the district’s fund balance for the majority of the building’s $3.4 million cost.

“We borrowed the rest at a very low interest rate. We also factored in construction prices and received federal funding because of COVID. We are not done. We will continue to improve the rest of our campuses.

The mixed-use elementary facility was chosen, Winters said, because the elementary hallway and gym were considered the most used, worst and most expensive to repair among campuses in the district. These buildings were built in 1951.


The main entrance to the facility will open into the receptionist’s office, followed by the registrar’s office which handles school paperwork. The copy room is also located here.

Next is the director’s office. Then a conference room, a board room and a nurse’s office will follow. On the other side of the hall will be a lounge for the teachers and toilets for the staff.

The gymnasium arena will not be a competition gymnasium, but primarily a large space for all physical education classes, bus loads and the occasional school assembly such as the Christmas program to which the public would be invited.

“Students will use this area every day,” Winters said. “The physical education coach’s office and storage room will also be here.”


A very remarkable aspect of the building is its openness to natural light through many large windows.

“It was intentional. We wanted a light, open setup, something we didn’t have,” Winters said.

The facility is also highly accessible with large entrances, parking for staff and visitors, and designated areas for bus arrivals and departures.

This also includes a waiting area for up to 80 parent cars who can line up their cars for unloading and picking up children.

The school will also have an entrance from School Lane which will have appropriate signage and name identification.


Superintendent Winters commended the leadership shown in this project. She particularly credited the school district council.

“Tanya Bond is President, Curtis Harrison Jr. Vice President, Lane Roberts Secretary and with members Randy Fitts, Nicole Fant, Toby Fuller and Eddie Anderson.

“I would like to point out that the former board members were also essential elements of the creation. They are Kay Stephens, TammyPalmer and Marlon Sullivan,” she said.

Winters also commended BWA Architects with Chief Architect Jay Boynton and CDI Contractors with Superintendent Dustin Little.

The driving zone for buses and parking will be huge and free-flowing in the new Linden-Kildare mixed-use facility. Notice the large windows which will give the building an open and very accessible appearance. (Staff photo by Neil Abeles)
Photo The Linden-Kildare Elementary Gymnasium will be used daily by all pupils for physical education and as a reception area for pupils disembarking from school buses. The public will be there for special occasions. (Staff photo by Neil Abeles)
Photo ICAD LK Superintendent Kari Winters is at left, touring the construction of the district’s new Elementary Multi-Purpose Facility. Architects and contractors are listed on the panel to the right. (Staff photo by Neil Abeles)
Photo Parents will be able to pick up and unload students from a large parking lot that will allow some 80 cars to line up. (Staff photo by Neil Abeles)
Photo In her fifth year as superintendent of DSIC Linden-Kildare, Keri Winters oversees one of an administrator’s most exciting projects: the construction of a new facility for students. (Staff photo by Neil Abeles)

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