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On Tuesday, recreation and parks commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the design of two proposed temporary pickleball courts for Jefferson Elementary School.

The city is paying $100,000 a year to lease the grounds of the Pasadena Unified School District’s Jefferson Elementary School for library, police, and fire programs through November 2027.

As the demand for more pickleball facilities in the city increased, the city decided to build temporary pickleball courts at the school located at 1500 East Villa Street. A budget of $130,000 is allocated to the project.

On October 26, the city opened the newly renovated pickleball courts at McKinley School to the public.

Currently, there are nine pickleball courts in Pasadena: four at Allendale Park, four at McKinley School, and one for joint use (with basketball) at McDonald Park.

A dedicated pickleball facility with twelve pickleball courts is planned for Vina Vieja Park, with two courts expected to be constructed in fall 2023 as part of a phased approach.

“We chose the Jefferson site for pickleball because we thought it would be an ideal site for a temporary pickleball court,” said Brenda Harvey-Williams, director of parks, recreation and community services.

“We have on the books, on the CIP budget, a project to build 12 courts at Vina Vieja Park. Currently we have funding to complete two of these courts and construction will begin later this year but we know we probably won’t have the funding to build the other 10 at once so we are trying to get it in place Gradually and until we can build more courts at Vina Vieja Park, which is our plan, we want to set up temporary courts – two temporary courts at Jefferson,” added Harvey-Williams.

Harvey-Williams said having pickleball courts on site is ideal because they can meet the high demand for pickleball in the morning.

She noted that the pickleball courts in Mckinley are open after school hours and all day during weekends and school holidays.

After construction is complete, the public will be able to use pickleball courts slated for Jefferson Elementary School from 8 a.m. to dusk on weekdays and 9 a.m. to dusk on weekends, according to Harvey-Williams.

Hayden Melbourn, capital project manager with the Department of Public Works, said construction of the pickleball court project at Jefferson Elementary School also involves the construction of a field fence, gate, as well as benches under a modified shade structure.

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2023 and end in summer 2023.

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