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COLUMBIANA – Superintendent Donald Mook discussed updates on the track at the Ward Sports Complex located behind Columbiana Middle School last week during the Education Board meeting.

The district has received offers from Vasco Sports Contractors and AstroTurf Corporation to resurface the track.

The current track lasted 16 years, but has been remade several times according to Mook.

Vasco Sports Contractors would install an asphalt surface with Plexitrac accelerator with a three year warranty. AstroTurf Corporation would install a polyurethane track surface with a five year warranty.

“My own preference would probably be polyurethane; I think it will last us longer. I think we will get more than ten years out of it ”, Mook said.

Vasco Sports Contractors would increase the project price for surface colors while AstroTurf offered multiple colors without a price increase.

Mook explained that prices have increased by $ 15,000. With price increases, it becomes increasingly urgent to determine which offer to go forward.

When asked by Education Council Vice Chairman Scott Caron if other contractors in the area could do the job, Mook explained that the company’s offers had been reviewed by a third party and ranked by the state.

The project timeline would be extended if board members wished to continue an open bidding process. Prices could also increase due to demand for materials.

“I was hoping to do it before spring, but they can’t get us on the schedule until spring,” Mook said.

It was discussed if no decision is taken before the next meeting, the project would start from scratch.

Mook suspects the lawn business may have caused further wear and tear on the track.

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