College Wins Ham and Turkey Fundraiser


BONNERS FERRY – The Boundary County Middle School leadership class once again beat the high school class in the annual Ham and Turkey fundraiser.

Kelly Hinthorn, an English teacher at BCMS, said the goal each year is to have 50 copies of each fundraising item.

This year, the school raised 31 hams and eight turkeys. The college had a whopping 44 hams and 12 turkeys.

BCMS Director Scott Ferguson said Hinthorn’s organization drives the project every year.

Superintendent Jan Bayer said she was grateful to the community for coming together and allowing the school district and students to give back to the community.

Bayer also wanted to congratulate the high school leadership class as they are under new management and have really strong kids in the class.

“It made a big difference this year,” Bayer said.

She went on to say that the donations came from schools at the Free Methodist Church. Super 1 Foods generously donated a freezer space to store hams and turkeys until community distribution, Bayer said.

This food gathering competition will also count towards the first Clash of the Claws against Kellogg on January 15th. It will not only be a sporting competition against the Wildcats, but will include cheering, fanfare and donation competitions between schools.

Bayer has said Kellogg’s goal is to raise 10,000 pounds in donations and she expects the Badger to exceed that goal.


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