College principal Olean slammed for comments made as pastor



Some of the more controversial remarks focus on homosexuality, COVID-19, and even talk about expanding the church into school systems.

BUFFALO, NY – In Cattaraugus County, there are calls for a public school principal, who is also a preacher, to be fired for comments he made to church.

These comments have gone viral over the past week.

Joel Whitcher, Senior Pastor at Fresh fire worship center in Allegany, is also the principal of the Olean Intermediate School.

The church has posted on his YouTube page dozens and dozens of videos showing full worship services. They too broadcast on Facebook and on the church site.

Over the weekend, someone on Facebook began collecting some of the pastor’s and his wife’s most controversial remarks, on homosexuality, COVID-19, and even talking about expanding the church in the school systems.

Pastor Whitcher also said this about Islam: “Muslims are outside of the government of God. You have to understand that this is a spiritual battle going on.

Meanwhile, there is a petition asking the school district to remove the pastor from his position as principal. It had nearly 1,000 signatures Wednesday morning.

The person who created the petition said: “The student body finds Mr. Whitcher’s behavior absolutely intolerable. No administrator who governs an extremely diverse student body has the right to publicly discriminate and hate members of their own community. and his school. “

2 On Your Side sent messages to the superintendent and every member of the Olean School Board. Superintendent Rick Moore is the only one who has returned with us.

He said, “I hope you understand that we cannot speak publicly about personnel matters.

2 On Your Side asked Paul Cambria, a constitutional expert who is a partner at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP here in Buffalo, about the situation at City Hall on Wednesday. You can watch the interview below.



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