College in Anantnag operating from three halls

College in Anantnag operating from three halls

Anantnag, 04 August: It may sound strange but it is a fact that Government Middle School (GMS) Aung, Matipora in Mattan area of ​​Anantnag district in South Kashmir operates in a three room structure .

A primary school that was established in the 1980s and later turned into a middle school in 2014 still lacks basic infrastructure due to which students studying there face many difficulties.

The school has an enrollment of around 90 students who are crammed into three halls, exhibiting the educational standards of the department.

“The school lacks all the basic facilities and has no facet to qualify as an educational institution as there is no playground or other facilities,” residents said.

According to locals, the fundamental problem is that despite the passage of about a decade since the upgrade, the authorities have failed to build any other structure there.

“There is availability of occupied state land near the school and space available to build other structures. The school is facing a housing shortage and teachers here cannot provide proper education to students enrolled here,” they said.

The school only has three rooms where the teachers have to adjust around 90 students from nine classes including KGs, how can two or three teachers teach students from three classes at the same time in one room, have they demand.

Shabir Ahmed, a local resident, said the government is focusing more on showcasing achievements in the education sector, but there is no visible development on the ground.

“Although the staff members are doing their best to provide quality education to the enrolled students, they are worried about the shortage of basic facilities, having no response to the students’ anguish,” he said. . “Compared to other public schools, the school has a good number of students enrolled, which requires the authorities concerned to take immediate measures in order to provide them with quality facilities.”

Locals said that all students studying here are from financially weak families. The authorities must therefore take immediate measures to ensure quality education for these poor students.

“We have informed superiors so many times so far but to no avail,” they said. Meanwhile, Director of Education Anantnag Mohammad Khalil, while acknowledging that there is a lack of space in the school, said the headteacher concerned must send us a letter in this regard to that we can raise the matter with the affected neighborhoods for immediate redress to publish it.

“We will send officials there to get the field report, after which action will be taken accordingly,” he said.


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