Class Hero: Lisa Oney of Prairie Norton Elementary School


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Lisa Oney spends her days surrounded by the cutest kindergarten kids, who also keep her very, very busy.

“I still love him as much as I did first year,” she said.

And that first year was 30 years ago, all spent in the Southwest City Schools. In fact, Oney also attended the school in this neighborhood. And she credits one of her primary school teachers for inspiring her desire to pursue a career in education.

And Oney hasn’t looked back since, often staying in touch with his students long after they’ve walked through his classroom door for the last time.

“I love seeing them, that little, tiny little piece of what I’ve made, I guess, that seed that I’ve planted, grows into that tree,” she said.

Seeing her mother’s dedication to her work and her students also inspired Olivia Oney. At one point, she too thought about becoming a teacher, even playing with a whiteboard in her bedroom.

“As a teacher, I feel like she is a lot like who she is as a mother because I have heard her talk about her students as if they were her own children,” said she declared.

That’s just one of the reasons she decided her mom deserved to be a class hero.

“I work from home, so I got the news while I was working, and I heard them say, nominate someone for Classroom Hero, and my mom fit the bill perfectly,” she said. “I think if anyone is the epitome of a class hero, it’s my mom.”

And she gives her mom extra credit for working through the pandemic, which certainly hasn’t been easy when she’s been trying to keep 5-year-olds engaged online. Olivia Oney said all teachers are to be commended for their perseverance and could use that extra shout out. Her mom agrees.

“COVID has been really tough, especially with the kindergartners, and it’s just that little, tiny little lift I needed to keep going,” she said.

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