Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District Seeks to Pass $282 Million Bond Issue


The Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District continues to grow with 3,500 new residents expected over the next five to 10 years. That is why the Superintendent has said that the time has come to adopt a new bond issue.

“We need to take care of our student population and growth,” said David Reid, Principal of the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School. Piece.

The district has not had a bond issue on the ballot in 14 years.

The latest bond provided funding for Choctaw Middle School and Nicoma Park Elementary, but as leaders work to continue improving the district, they believe it’s time to ask the community for help.

“Currently, seven of our nine sites use exterior buildings, so we wanted to add classrooms, but we also needed to add two new elementary schools,” Reid said.

They want to create safe rooms, a versatile indoor facility and efficient transportation as well as additional classrooms.

But one of the biggest changes would be a pickup route for parents.

“We’re a 6A school district, but we have mostly two-lane roads except for high school, so parents are stuck on the streets,” Reid said.

Superintendent Reid said they wanted the money to give children a chance to succeed, whatever their background.

“We have money set aside for all of our groups. We want to reach out to all fine arts, all sports and the AFJROTC program,” Reid said. “So each of our sites gets something.”

The district wants voters to know there will be no tax increase for you, and anyone living in the Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools District has the opportunity to vote this February 8.


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