Chippewa Hills opens new elementary school in Barryton


BARRYTON – With a new school year fast approaching, the Chippewa Hills School District is poised to enter a new era of youth education for students in the village of Barryton.

This week, community members and their children were encouraged to visit Barryton’s brand new elementary school for its first open house.

Built on the same property as the recently demolished old Barryton Elementary School, the new school is a pinnacle of 21st century modernity that will offer its students a multitude of unique ways to learn and thrive.

Superintendent Bob Grover said he was both happy and grateful for the project to come to fruition.

“It’s just a great feeling to have a new building to offer our community,” said Grover. “The installation is not only aesthetic, but also contains technological elements. “

Grover praised the large amount of practical space in the building, something the old Barryton Elementary didn’t have.

While it is fun to look at, the new terrain will create a better learning experience for the student.

“It’s conveniently laid out to separate our upper elemental and our lower elemental,” said Grover. “I think it shows not only how effective we want to be, but also with our funds.”

The gymnasium will be multi-purpose, with basketball hoops, spaces for children and a stage that transforms into a classroom.

Grover said the most common compliment he heard from the public on the open house was that the building looked “pretty” with “a few interesting ideas” built into the structure.

“Everyone so far has been very positive,” Grover said.

One of those great ideas was the installation of what is called an Extended Learning Zone, which gives educators the opportunity to do more hands-on, application-based teaching exercises, while also making it easier kinesthetic movement for students.

“We really want to thank the taxpayers and the communities for providing this opportunity to build this school,” said Grover. ” It is essential. We appreciate what they are doing to support us, and we will continue to do all we can to support the children in our community.


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