Camp Invention 2022 returns to Southside Elementary School


VERSAILLES, Ky. (FOX 56) — For more than 30 years, the National Inventors Hall of Fame has hosted a summer learning program called Camp Invention, with the goal of turning curious kids into innovative thinkers.

The first day of camp was held at Southside Elementary School in the Woodford County School District. The whole week will include various STEAM related activities like robotic water aerobics and marble archways for example.

The different scenarios are designed for students to create their own inventions to complete certain challenges. In the past, students would bring various objects like printers to take them apart and see the inner workings.

In 2022, students will have everything they need on site, so the experience will be the same for all students.

“Over time, Camp Invention felt like not all kids had access to the different types of take-apart items, or those things available, so now they’ve included in one of the classes and sometimes several, one take-apart item that is the same for all children so they have an equal chance to take something apart, dissect it and look at the parts inside,” said Camp Invention Director Yvonne Edenstrom.

The program is known to have a lasting impact on students. Former campers return as high school students to help guide younger campers through the process.

“We’ve had former students who have been camp invention campers come back as leadership trainees in high school and have really been a part of the program. We even have returning students. We have a student returning this week who is part of Camp Invention,” Edenstrom said.

In 2022, more than 80 campers have enrolled in Camp Invention at this school, including students from all parts of Kentucky.


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