Buffalo Middle School parent speaks out after daughter experiences racial harassment


BUFFALO, Mo.- A Buffalo, Missouri parent is speaking out after his daughter became the subject of several racist encounters at school and on the bus.

Timothy Alfred says he met with Buffalo Middle School officials to discuss how his child was being treated.

He says it started early this year.

“My daughter came home from school upset that someone was making racial slurs at her and I asked her what she did about it. She went to the office. They told her they couldn’t. Nothing to do about it because it wasn’t meant for her. But she’s the only African-American kid in the class,” Alfred said.

He says the behavior continued…

“They did a little investigation and the kids said it didn’t happen, but clearly it even happened in class out loud, and the kids laughed about it,” Alfred said.

Alfred says at least one student was disciplined for these encounters, but that doesn’t erase what’s already happened.

“We are in November right now. It’s been going on since the end of August. You know, constantly, you know, we called several times to get their bus changed,” Alfred said, “My daughter was sexually harassed on the bus and we came to an agreement to get my kids on another bus.

The father even contacted the Springfield NAACP for help.

Misty McIntosh of the Springfield NAACP says, “For the kids, for their mental psyche, is it damaging. I mean, if you tell someone they’re terrible long enough, they’ll start to believe it.

She says the student was clearly affected by these encounters.

“The Buffalo kid, she had physical, you know, physical reactions to the treatment she was getting. She told her parents; I do not want to go to school. My stomach hurts,” McIntosh said.

Alfred says he hopes to speak out for those being bullied, not just his child.

“I just want to be the voice of meaning, you know, for people who are afraid to speak up, for these kids who are, you know, in the press because they’re different in their race, their sexuality, whatever , you know, handicaps, disabilities or whatever.” Alfred said “A lot of people are tired of their kids being abused. I mean, kids are killing themselves now in this community because of bullying. I want to say, this needs to stop. They need stricter policies with this.

Ozarks First spoke to Superintendent Tim Ryan today on the phone several times over the past few days, who said the district had no comment on the situation.


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