Bring Your Bible to School Event at Duval County College Raises Concern


JACKSONVILLE, Florida – A post on the LaVilla School of the Arts Facebook page about “Bring your Bible to school” is causing concern, and some have expressed concerns on social media.

Some parents have said that by allowing the event, they feel the school is making many students feel left out. Some say they have gone so far as to file discrimination complaints.

As written on the Bring Your Bible To School Day website: “Bring Your Bible to School Day is a national student-led movement to read and cherish the scriptures as the holy Word of God, to encourage others with hope we have in Jesus Christ, and celebrate our religious freedoms in the United States.

Sophia Driscoll is a sixth grade student at the school. She said the event was promoted over the past week on the school’s intercom system.

“I think it’s a good thing. I don’t have a Bibles and I know a lot of people who don’t either, ”Driscoll said.

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The school says it’s a national movement to celebrate religious freedom and encourage faith.

“They say about 500,000 students have done it too,” said Natasha Landa, a seventh grader.

But the idea sparked a firestorm on social media. Some parents say the event is not inclusive for children of all faiths.

“I wonder about inclusiveness in this stuff. Should everyone have their own day or is this a teacher who represents that faith and the students feel they belong, ”said Cory Driscoll, whose daughter attends school.

Other parents, like Carlos Landa – whose daughter also attends school – are supporting the event.

“I’m okay with that, but at the same time I respect what other people think,” Landa said.

According to to Duval County Public Schools, the neighborhood does not host the event and it is an activity of a student club in Lavilla. In a statement, he said in part, “This is a good example of First Amendment protected student expression.”

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Lianna Knight, the principal of the school, told News4Jax that the post on the Facebook page was from the club and not from the whole school.

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