Brian Hutto appointed Director of Schools for Lebanon’s Special School District


Lebanon’s Special School District Council has voted for Brian Hutto to be its next principal of schools.

Hutto has worked as a principal at Coles Ferry Elementary for 10 years. Hutto also has experience as an assistant principal at Lycée du Liban, according to discussions at Monday’s board meeting.

“I’m confident he can do the job,” said board chairman Steve Jones. “He has a lot of experience, administrative experience and that’s what we need.”

Jones will negotiate a contract with Hutto and bring him back at the next meeting on April 11, Jones said.

Mark Tomlinson moved the motion to hire Hutto and Jones seconded the motion. Both council members voted for Hutto. The Lebanon Special School District has three board members.

Scott Benson is retiring after 10 years as director of Lebanon’s Special School District at the end of June.

Internal candidates were allowed to submit a form to express their interest in becoming a director in February.

The other two internal candidates who have expressed an interest in the position of director are:

  • Bobby Brown: Assistant Manager at Walter J. Baird Middle.
  • Traci Sparkman: Principal at Walter J. Baird Middle.

Hutto was one of three internal administrators who expressed interest in the position of director of Lebanon’s special school district which will open at the end of June.

The three-member district council voted 2-1 to initially consider only applicants from Lebanon’s Special School District who meet the requirements for the position.

Jones and Tomlinson previously voted to start the search looking strictly at internal candidates. Jones said there were benefits to an inside candidate familiar with the system and the parents. Tomlinson also believed that an internal candidate should be given the first chance.

Board member Joel Thacker urged the board to consider internal and external candidates upfront and seed a third party to help with the search. Thacker believed that only looking at internal candidates is a different norm from how the district hired positions as 4 out of 7 “externally hired” directors in the district.

The Special School District of Lebanon has five elementary schools and two middle schools.

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