Born Of Osiris Settled A 9-Year Royalty Debt With Guitarist Jason Richardson


[Photos by: Born Of Osiris/Spotify, Jason Richardson/YouTube/Guitar Center]

It seems that Born of Osiris and their former guitarist Jason richardson reached a settlement. The question is the question was raised earlier this year in some very public Twitter beef. Richardson alleged that he still owed royalties for his work on the beloved 2011 disc of Born Of Osiris. Discovery.

Now in a new tweet it seems Sumerian Archives paid Richardson the amount owed to him.

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Discovery was the only Born Of Osiris record in which Richardson appeared. He then parted ways with BOO in what was a very public disparagement of his former band mates.

Richardson joined Chelsea grin shortly after in 2012. After tragic death of All that’s left guitarist Oli Herbert, Richardson has been invited to join them also.

In January, a fan hinted that Richardson and Born Of Osiris should reunite and do Discovery 2. It was an idea he shot down very quickly saying, “Pass. I still owe a decade of royalties from the 1st.

Born Of Osiris then blocked Richardson on Twitter. He captured it and posted the crying laughing emoji.

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Now it looks like Richardson was paid by Sumerian Records regardless of how much he was owed. A new post shows Richardson explaining how it took nearly a decade and numerous legal actions to get his due.

Soooooo lol after over 9 years, 2 lawyers and a few hundred emails, I finally got my past due royalty debt from @SumerianRecords for my work on the Born of Osiris album “The Discovery”.

It is a difficult situation to know who is telling the truth and to what extent. We just hope the best result has happened and that both Richardson and Born Of Osiris are happy with what happened.

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