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For more than a year, the daughter of Marcie Zoref, who attends Bloomfield Hills Middle School, has been the victim of harassment.

“What happened was the bully started befriending his friends and turned people on my daughter and it’s been bad ever since,” Zoref said. “As a parent, there is no responsibility. It is not even clear who is responsible for dealing with bullying and what the consequences are. I think their motto is that public school is free education for all and the bully is allowed to be here too. It’s kind of the public school motto – they try to bring everyone together to make it better, but it only made it worse. ”

Her first step last year was to contact the bully’s parent. “It wasn’t effective,” Zoref said.

She has served with Bloomfield Hills Police, School Liaison Officer, Board of Education, Superintendent, Principal and Councilors.

“Basically they told me all they could do was offer emotional support to my daughter,” Zoref said. “They won’t or won’t be able to do anything, I’m not really sure.”

So Zoref takes it upon herself to organize a bullying prevention rally at 4:30 p.m. on Friday outdoors at Bloomfield Hills Middle School.

In response, the Bloomfield Hills School District issued a statement which read in part: “As a Bloomfield Hills Schools Community, we take bullying very seriously and have worked hard in each of our schools to educate. proactively engage students and staff on bullying prevention in addition to implementing supportive processes once bullying has occurred. … We support parents and caregivers who want to raise awareness about bullying. We sympathize with our families and the range of emotions that occur when a child is bullied. By following our established processes, we work closely with families in this situation to deliver the best outcomes for their child.

On September 28, a video of Zoref’s daughter was taken and released in the school by the bully.

“You would think it was illegal, but the school does nothing. I am also a psychologist. I feel like I not only have a duty to protect my children and patients, but there is an ethical obligation to educate the community, ”Zoref said. “So that’s the purpose of Friday’s event.”

In publicizing the event, which will include guest speakers, she heard from other parents whose children have been bullied. She’s not sure what to expect when it comes to attendance.

“I think we get a lot of resistance from the kids. It’s like a taboo, most of them don’t want to attend a bullying event. No one wants to talk about it – the school, the parents, the kids. We need to talk about it, come together as a community with resources for people, ”Zoref said.

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