Bajaur girls miss college



In this modern era, the Mandal area of ​​Tehsil Salarzai in the Bajaur tribal district has not had a girls’ college despite the area having a population of 40,000.

Local residents told The Express Tribune there were a total of seven public schools in the area, six of which were for boys and one for girls.

“There is only one girls’ primary school for a population of 40,000. There is no middle school or high school, so girls have to leave school after primary,” they said, adding that there was only one high school for boys.

A local councilor general, Lal Wahab, told The Express Tribune that no steps had been taken to promote girls’ education in the area.

“For a long time the government girls primary school was closed due to lack of staff and when it opened there were not enough staff to run the school,” said- he declared.

“You know the local traditions. People don’t send their daughters to other parts of the district like Khar for schooling because it’s dangerous and local customs don’t allow it,” he said.

Another local elder said they repeatedly asked the government to approve more schools for girls and boys in the area, but no one paid attention.

Another local elder, Haya Khan Advocate, said his wife is a middle school teacher and he would like to be posted near her home, but due to lack of schools nearby, she has to go to other places. other schools.

“If a school is established, it is very convenient for students and teachers in the area. There should be middle and high schools as well as high schools in Mandal,” he argued.

Another local chairman, Farman, said that people supported the PTI in the elections, but elected officials completely ignored the area, which was unfortunate.

“Upgrading of schools has been approved recently but no schools in Mandal have been included in the scheme,” he observed, adding that recently the provincial government approved 12 new primary schools for Bajaur, including 10 are girls’ schools, but that Mandal was always ignored. “Six schools will be upgraded from primary to middle school and 20 high schools will also be upgraded to upper secondary level, but the only high school in our region is not included in it,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 9e2022.


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