“Acted out of sheer rage”


YPSILANTI, Mich. – Police are investigating an altercation between a substitute teacher and a sixth- to Ypsilanti College.

This student’s mother spoke to Local 4 and said her son misbehaved, but the teacher crossed a line.

The incident happened on Monday, April 25. The video shows substitute teacher dragging and punching 11-year-old Deandre Glaspie. It has been viewed on Facebook over 21,000 times.

“He’s still shaken up about it,” mother Nisha Glaspie said.

She said she was horrified when he found out what had happened to her son.

“She’s a schoolteacher. I don’t feel like she should have abused my son like that,” Nisha Glaspie said.

Deandre Glaspie has ADHD and his mother said school administrators were aware he had behavioral issues.

“The headmistress, the social workers, are aware and I don’t believe she contacted anyone at school at the time. I believe she just got fed up with the students and acted out of sheer rage,” Nisha Glaspie said.

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The district superintendent said the school principal immediately called the police about the substitute teacher.

“We should not get our hands on students at any time,” said Dr Zachary Ross.

Ross said the district also informed EDUStaff, the agency that fills the locum positions.

“We take this very seriously, having the police involved because I think it’s an example that if this kind of thing happens it won’t be tolerated,” Ross said.

Glaspie says she doesn’t condone her son’s behavior, but the substitute teacher went too far.

“I sometimes have behavioral problems, but that doesn’t give me the right to hit him or drag him. She wasn’t right at all,” Glaspie said.

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