A Brilliant Project: Infiniti Energy Partners with Teaneck School District Solar System


Solar developer Infiniti Energy said on Wednesday it has completed construction of 905 kilowatts of new solar projects for the Teaneck school board.

Infiniti was hired by Concord Management Services LLC, the engineering, procurement and construction provider, and the project was completed under a solar power purchase agreement that enabled the district to benefit immediately reap the financial benefits of renewable energy while eliminating upfront expenses and outsourcing operation and maintenance. costs over a fixed period.

Funding for these projects was provided by Empower Energies.

According to project officials, the design includes solar panels on the roofs of six K-12 buildings. The environmental benefits generated by these networks are equivalent to nearly 2,400 cars taken off the road for a year. Individual system locations and sizes include:

● Teaneck High School, a 119 kW DC network;
● Theodora Smiley Lacey School, a 110 kW DC network;
● Thomas Jefferson Middle School, a 265 kW DC network;
● Whittier Elementary School, a 125 kW DC network;
● New administrative building, a 103 kW DC network; and
● Lowell Elementary School, a 114 kW DC network.

“We were delighted to help support Teaneck’s school system with the installation of renewable energy sources that will provide stable energy costs for years to come,” said Michael Aladich, Senior Project Manager at Infiniti. “Public-private partnerships are an ideal option for educational institutions and municipal governments looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, and we are proud to be an industry leader in transitioning sources. of fossil fuels. “

“Concord Management Services LLC is committed to helping clients achieve their sustainability goals by providing complete turnkey solutions while minimizing risk to the client,” said Chris Sylvia, vice president of commissioning and construction. “We are proud to have been selected as the engineering, procurement and construction supplier for the Teaneck School District. I also want to thank the fantastic team at Infiniti, who were instrumental in getting the project done on time and on budget.

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